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This web page offers resources and materials to help educators librarians and parents improve reading outcomes for students in grades K-12. We feel that if the educator can inspire the student to think, to ponder the future, to be more engaged in their future, that reading will come more naturally. We hope to help prevent reading difficulties from developing in the early grades, and meet instructional challenges of students’ diverse abilities throughout their classroom years.


Keep Science Fiction Young

The Center for the Study of Science Fiction have compiled a list of things that you as a parent or teacher can do to help keep Science Fiction Young and motivate our future thinkers. Please visit their site: Science Fiction Youth Program.


AboutSF.com is a resource center for speculative literature, science fiction, and education.

Hosted by AboutSF are the following important Web sites:

Please explore their site to find all the hidden gems and newest news.

Don Braden's SF Teaching Sites

Don has been a teacher for many years and is passionate about teaching. Please visit his wonderful sites:

Do you want to help inspire kids?

There are many ways you can help further this cause. This website is always in need of updates and content. If you have suggestions for additions or you yourself have content to donate please click this link: Content to send mail.


Are you an Author who wants to work with us to develop lesson plans?

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reading for the future

"It is the mark of an educated mind to be able to entertain a thought without accepting it." - Aristotle

Who we are:

Reading for the Future is a grassroots volunteer organization whose aim is to help young people develop a love of reading and intellectual adventure through the vehicle of science fiction, fantasy and other speculative fiction.

We work with you:

Reading for the Future collaborates with you to provide key content for your classroom. By using this Web site and the Reading for the Future mail groups, you will find that you are not alone in wanting to inspire your students. Authors, teachers, librarians, parents and interested others, combine their skills to bring our next generation out of the classroom thinking ahead, ready to face the future with an open mind. Students prepared to embrace the future and all its many possibilities.

Amoung our Goals :

  • Fostering an open discussion among parents, teachers, librarians, authors, publishers, and readers, in order to seek ways that Science Fiction may help stimulate curiosity, imagination and critical thinking.
  • Providing resources that teachers, librarians, and others may use to promote avid reading and use stories to convey difficult concepts.
  • Encouraging authors and fans to think about the next generation, offering local contests, workshops and other services to teachers and students at the local level.
  • Encouraging local groups to provide schools and libraries with books and curriculum materials that use and promote science fiction and fantasy.
  • Giving books to kids.

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Our Inspiring Partners:

The Golden Duck Awards

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Lynda Williams and the Okal Rel Universe

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A Special thank-you to one of the founders of this movement, David Brin!

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